We are committed to openness, transparency and accountability to our staff, volunteers, supporters, donors and partners

Our Strategy and Annual Reports

We are a UK registered charity (SCO41072) with the charitable objectives of reducing poverty,protecting the environment, and supporting sustainable development through effective and equitable management of water.

Download our 5 year strategic plan and our latest annual report here.



It is our duty to protect and safeguard staff, partners, vulnerable communities and all those that come into contact with our work. Safeguarding incidents are abuses of power and entrenched gender inequality. We promote an organisational culture where abuse is unacceptable, and everyone is safe and able to flourish, is integral to our values and our local partnerships.

Download our safeguarding policy and staff code of conduct here


How we’re Funded

We seek and accept funding from organisations that share our objectives and that do not seek to compromise our core values. Thanks to our current funders – The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, The Scottish Government (Climate Justice Fund, Climate Justice Innovation Fund), GIZ (International Water Stewardship Programme), Afrialliance, Matrix Causes Fund. We have received funds from Olam and Diageo to support the implementation of the AWS Standard at their sites in Tanzania.


Income by Funding Source (2017)