Helping Vulnerable Communities

For the first time people are demanding their rights on water. This is powerful and will help things change.
— Mrs Praxeda Paul, Basin Water Officer, Tanzania

We support communities living at the sharp end of the global water crisis.

We enable them to secure their water rights, and to demand action and accountability from those responsible for pollution control, flood and drought management, water and sanitation services, and conflict resolution. Over the past 5 years, we have enabled 563,639 people to improve their water security through social accountability. With your support, we will extend and strengthen our network of community Water Witnesses to ensure water justice for the poor.

Driving Water Stewardship

Water Stewardship is about ensuring business uses water responsibly. It’s about going beyond aid to make sure that the globalised economy works for the poor and the environment, rather than causing them harm.
— Dr. Nick Hepworth, WWI Director

We scrutinise private sector and financial institution performance on water, calling out bad practice to instigate change. We co-founded the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) to establish the global standard for responsible water use. We coordinate AWS Africa and advise governments and businesses to ensure that commodity production, trade and investment don’t pollute or deplete water. With your support, we will scale-up water stewardship which is pro-poor and sustainable – so that water impacts of our globalised economy are flagged, addressed and avoided.

Improving Governance & Aid

Shining a light on performance, and how money and resources are used has not happened before. The work is a big step towards greater accountability
— Mr Nsaa-Iya Amaniel Kihunrwa, Secretariat, Donor Partner Group on Water

We undertake research, investigations, and use evidence to advocate for effective and equitable water use and governance. We use our expertise as water resource managers to flag bottlenecks and to signpost opportunities for better policy, practice and overseas aid. With your support, our work will hit harder to benefit the poor, and to drive system change for more accountable governance and aid.