Water is our planet’s life-giving force - crucial for our collective health, wellbeing and prosperity.

However it is often managed in ways that are neither sustainable nor fair, and it is the poor and vulnerable who suffer the most.

Water Witness International (WWI) works for a world protected against pollution, droughts, floods and resource conflict, and a fair water future where everyone has access to the good quality water they need to thrive.

We investigate, innovate and influence for water justice, working globally to address the root causes of poor water management.




Where We Work

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Water Witness brings a much-needed independent voice to help tackle the threats to our planet’s most precious resource. It is good to see scientists working to help communities, businesses and politicians understand and value water, and to take appropriate action. In their short history they have had a major impact.

Professor Tony Allan, Stockholm Water Prize Laureate 2008, King’s College London and the School of Oriental and African Studies, London