Dr Nick Hepworth, Director

Nick is the founder and Executive Director of Water Witness International. He has worked on sustainable development and water issues for 25 years and advises governments, NGOs, communities and companies on water security and climate change. He is a Research Fellow at the University of East Anglia, and serves on the board of the Alliance for Water Stewardship.

Contact Nick on nickhepworth@waterwitness.org


Dorcas Pratt, Deputy Director

Dorcas, the Deputy Director, brings a broad range of experience across international development, programme management and organisational leadership to the team. With a background in natural resource management, she has worked for many years leading teams and successful development programmes around the world.

Contact Dorcas on dorcaspratt@waterwitness.org

UK Kate+Studd.jpg

Dr. Kate Studd, Chief Strategy Officer

Kate supports the long term sustainable growth of Water Witness International, through fundraising, communications and strategic development. She has 20 years of programme development and project management experience in the environment and international development sectors.

Contact Kate on katestudd@waterwitness.org


Shona Jenkins, Principal Officer, International Programmes

Shona plays a key role in coordinating Water Witness' work in East Africa, primarily supporting the delivery of our social accountability and water stewardship programmes. Shona has a mixed background in sustainability sciences and water, sanitation and hygiene and has worked in these fields in the Caribbean and in West and Central Africa.

Contact Shona on shonajenkins@waterwitness.org


Maisie Geelen, Research & Communications Officer

Contact Maisie on maisiegeelen@waterwitness.org


Robbie Sage, International Programme Support Officer

Robbie provides finance and administrative support for our projects.

Contact Robbie on robbiesage@waterwitness.org



Shahidi wa Maji are our sister organisation based in Morogoro, Tanzania.


Herbert Kashililah, Programme Manager (Africa)

Kash is a renowned water expert in Tanzania and East Africa with over 30 years’ experience of working with civil society, government and communities to improve sector performance. He has been instrumental in formulating national water policy and legislation, and advocates for the right to water. He is a founder member and current Chair of Shahidi wa Maji and Member of Tanzania National Water Board.

Contact Kash on herbertkashililah@shahidiwamaji.org


Pendo Hyera, Manager, Fair Water Futures Programme (Tanzania)

Pendo leads our Fair Water Futures work in Tanzania. She is a Senior Community Development Expert, with over 10 years experience in community engagement work in the area of water resource management, climate change and environment.

Contact Pendo on pendohyera@shahidiwamaji.org


Debora Sigalla, Programme Administrative Officer

Debora provides financial and administrative support to the Shahidi team. She has eight years experience in field work with communities in the process of alleviating poverty in Tanzania and a Masters degree in Business Administration.

Contact Debora on Deborasigalla@shahidiwamaji.org

Tanzania Luciana.jpg

Luciana Mkandara, Knowledge and Impact Manager

Luciana leads on monitoring, evaluation, learning and communications across the social accountability and advocacy workstreams of WWI and our partners. She is a Monitoring and Evaluation specialist with over eight years of experience in international development and a Master's degree in Development Evaluation and Management.

Contact Luciana on lucianamkandara@waterwitness.org

Tanzania ennedy+final.jpg

Kennedy Mmari, Knowledge and Impact Officer

Kennedy supports M&E and communications for Shahidi. He has over three years experience in communications, public relations and project management in the private and non-government sectors.

Contact Kennedy on Kennedymmari@shahidiwamaji.org


Malawi Doreen.jpg

Doreen Chanje, Director, Water Stewardship (Malawi)

Doreen leads our work on water stewardship across Africa. She is a specialist in the smallholder/agriculture sector, providing support and building systems to improve sustainability, livelihoods and access to global and local markets. She is formidably well-networked, strategic and a visionary leader, and sits on several Boards in a non-executive capacity.

Contact Doreen on doreenchanje@waterwitness.org

Malawi Walter.jpg

Walter Chinangwa, International Programme Officer, Water Stewardship (Malawi)

Walter supports the implementation and delivery of our water stewardship work in Malawi. His is passionate about the opportunities of environmental management and education to help unlock development potential. Walter is currently completing an MA in Development Studies.

Contact Walter on walterchinangwa@waterwitness.org


Francis Paul, Admin and Finance Officer, Water Stewardship (Malawi)

Francis is the Admin and Finance Officer for the Malawi team. He is a registered accountant with over four years of experience in microfinance and accounts management.

Contact Francis on francispaul@waterwitness.org



Our Board of Trustees is formed of specialists from the legal, IT, civil service, NGO, water management and community activism, with international and UK expertise.


John Brett

John Brett chairs the WWI Board. He is Chief Executive of Anderson Strathern Asset Management and has over 20 years of financial investment experience. He contributes expertise in the business, legal and finance sectors, senior leadership and board governance.


Diane Duncan

Diane Duncan is Head of Low Carbon and Environmental Clean Technology at Highlands and Islands Enterprise. She brings to the Board her extensive knowledge and networks in environmental leadership, innovation, public / private sector and politics in Scotland.

TRUSTEE Suma.jpg

Suma Kaare

Suma Kaare is a passionate advocate, practitioner and strategist for inclusive development in Africa. She has designed and implemented policy, programmes and strategy for governments, civil society and businesses across Africa and is a special advisor to the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania. She is an advocate for gender equality, and specialises in women’s empowerment through social accountability, evidence-based advocacy and mainstreaming.

Trustee laurence.png

Laurence Rankin

Laurence Rankin is a former Environment Manager with the Environment Agency, and also was for two year the Head of Environment at the Government Office for the North West. He has experience in finance, including funding, project management, risk management and human relations.

Trustee Morgan.png

Morgan Rogers

Morgan Rogers is an IT entrepreneur, and brings expertise in business development, strategy and IT to the Board.

Trustee lena.png

Léna Salamé

Léna Salamé is a lawyer in international public law, specialized in transboundary water issues and water diplomacy. She is also a professional mediator, negotiator and dialogue facilitator.


Dr. John Seager

Dr. John Seager. Formally head of Environmental Strategy for the Environment Agency, and current Chair of the European Network for the Implementation of Environmental Law, John brings valuable expertise of environmental regulation, strategy and science and extensive experience of working with water sector leaders across Africa, Asia and Europe.

Trustee Dilraj.png

Dilraj Sokhi

Dilraj Sokhi is a sustainability practitioner with a strategic interest in environmental sustainability, food and water security, equality and sustainable development goals. Dilraj brings expertise in gender and equity issues.


Dr. Chris Wigglesworth

Dr. Chris Wigglesworth brings many years of experience in the international development sector, and has a breadth of knowledge, expertise and contacts in development, water and politics.