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AWS Africa is the regional initiative of the global Alliance for Water Stewardship.

Water Witness International were the first to promote the concept of an international standard for sustainable water use. In 2009, we joined forces with WWF, the Pacific Institute and others as founding members of the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS). Since then, the AWS has shepherded a global process of multi-stakeholder dialogue and piloting to develop the world’s first Water Stewardship Standard.

We have been piloting, training and advising on implementation of the AWS Standard across Africa since 2012, and have built a strong track record and reputation with international corporations and their suppliers (Olam, Marks and Spencers, Diageo, SAB Miller). We are an accredited advisor and trainer on the Standard and sit on the Board and Technical Committee of AWS.

Hosted by our team of water stewardship experts in Malawi, AWS Africa works for a water secure Africa, driven by responsible water stewards who play a leading role in economic growth, poverty reduction and sustainable environmental management.

Over the next few years, supported by funding from the International Water Stewardship Programme and AfriAlliance we will be documenting and disseminating the lessons learned from implementing the AWS Standard across Africa to date, strengthening and extending our networks, and testing widespread uptake of credible water stewardship across the continent.

AWS Africa Goals

  • AWS Standard and system are relevant and widely used in Africa, delivering value for users & stakeholders, & progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

  • AWS Africa, it’s brand and members are widely recognised and respected for their contributions to improved water security in Africa.

  • AWS Africa, our members and wider network have the capacity, finances, human resources, technologies and knowledge required to deliver our mission.

What our Stakeholders say 

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AWS is the future for equitable water use for all in Africa

Implementing the AWS Standard has opened our eyes to the risks we face. We weren’t making best use of our resources and this was risking productivity, and environmental, regulatory and reputational impacts
— Jeremy Dufour, Olam International, Tanzania