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We work with partners to investigate the impacts of the European consumption and market supply chains on water security in developing countries.

In 2010, we traced the rapid decline of groundwater levels in the Ica Valley in Peru, one of the driest places on earth, to consumption associated with horticultural exports. We highlighted how the sourcing and purchasing practices of supermarkets and the failure of market standards directly contributed to severe impacts for some of the poorest people in South America.

Making front page news in the UK, our work led to a stepping up of interest, action and investment on corporate water risk management and positive changes in the way the International Finance Corporation (IFC) assesses water risks in its lending practices.

Follow up investigation from Swedwatch and Diakonia published in 2018 found that ‘despite an awareness of existing challenges, companies buying such products from the region have failed to identify and act on water-related human rights risks’

Future Plans

We are committed to continuing to use stewardship as a vehicle to advance sustainable water management at local and global levels, and ensure that the outcomes of corporate engagement on water are pro-poor and equitable.