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Accountability for Water is a new programme of action and research which aims to contribute to enduring and widespread water security for all by strengthening citizen voice, accountability and advocacy.

Improved governance is the key to unlocking the global water crisis, sustainable management of water resources and delivering Sustainable Development Goal 6: sustainable access to safe water and sanitation for all. At the heart of good governance lies strong accountability and the ability of citizens to make their voices heard.

In order to streamline efforts, increase impact and leave an enduring legacy, Water Witness International and strategic partners including Shahidi wa Maji, the Water Integrity Network, WaterAid, Oxfam, End Water Poverty, the Partnership for African Governance and Social Research and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation have initiated the Accountability for Water Action & Research Programme.

The programme aims to develop a pan-African, multi-year programme of research and outreach that will identify and address the knowledge gaps of key actors in the water relating to:

  • What mechanisms are effective for strengthening accountability for water in different political, social and environmental contexts?

  • What enables people, especially women and the marginalised, to demand accountability for water?

  • What do ‘duty bearers’ listen and respond to and what leads to durable and equitable benefits?

  • What knowledge and support do stakeholders need in order to strengthen accountability for water, and how can they be delivered in efficient, sustainable and politically legitimate ways? 

The programme is currently in its development phase.

If you wish to be involved or would like more information please contact or