Water Witness International – a fair water future

Water is our planet’s life-giving force. But the water needed to keep us healthy, to produce our food and energy, to support commerce and maintain ecosystems is too often threatened by poor management and short term decision-making which prioritises profits over people and the environment.

Water Witness International is a charity which works to improve the way that rivers, streams lakes and aquifers in developing countries are managed.  We carry out targeted research and advocacy to deepen understanding, share knowledge and ensure accountability to advance a fair, secure and sustainable water future for all.

Water Witness International Strategy 2015 – 2020 For a Fair Water Future


Investigating, influencing and innovating for global water justice

We believe the answer to the world’s water challenges lies in helping people to understand the essential role that water resource management plays in poverty reduction and economic growth.

By working constructively with both those who are most vulnerable and those who have most influence we help to identify and overcome barriers to water security - turning shared water risks into shared opportunities.

With social justice as our core principle, Water Witness works with an international network of partners and advisors to provide independent advice, to carry out investigations and develop innovative solutions to water resource problems.