Roles, values and priorities

Water Witness International has a track record of delivering high value-for-money, cost-effective results. Our core team has grown steadily in response to demand, driven by the recognition our work has gained.  We will continue to grow sustainably. To guide our work we will maintain our focus and adherence to the following organisational roles, values and priorities.

Our roles include:

  • Research and investigations to spotlight current performance and opportunities for progress
  • Innovation to develop and test new ways to tackle water challenges
  • Support to water users and managers through advice, guidance and training
  • Evaluation to generate evidence and learning about what works and why
  • Communication to share knowledge, advocate for change and initiate action

Our values and beliefs include:

  • Transformative and sustainable engagement by ensuring local ownership and self-determination
  • Social justice for vulnerable people through equitable processes and outcomes
  • Transparency within our own work and international aid, and value-for-money for beneficiaries and donors
  • Delivery based on rigorous evidence, verifiable claims and highly ethical conduct
  • Constructive engagement with partners and stakeholders based on respect, trust and pragmatism

Our priorities:

  • To target where impacts of poor water resource management are felt most severely
  • Focus on where capacity and accountability are weakest and the need for support greatest
  • Systemic change to benefit large numbers of people in the long term
  • Opportunities to make a difference through working with trusted partners
  • Working in developing economies of the global south and in wealthy nations to influence the causes of water insecurity internationally