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Global Think-Shop on social accountability: We're very excited to be co-hosting a 3 day global gathering next week (March 27-29th) of 90 practitioners, researchers and policymakers from across the world to share lessons and insights, explore opportunities and plan for future collaboration to advance accountability for a water-secure future. 

The event builds on existing work by Water Witness International, Water Integrity Network, Oxfam, WaterAid, Global Partnership for Social Accountability, World Bank and their many local partners, and is supported by new research and funding from the University of Glasgow, University of Dar-es-Salaam, and Tanzanian NGO Shahidi wa Maji.   

The objectives of the event are to a) share lessons, research, opportunities and challenges emerging from social accountability practice on water; b) develop consensus on concepts, definitions, priority knowledge gaps, needs and opportunities to support impact and effective practice; and c) Equip participants with relevant knowledge and networks to strengthen research, practice and policy.

Zambia Water Stewardship Masterclass We co-hosted the first ever AWS training in Zambia and launched the Zambia Water Stewardship Award at an event in Lilongwe in January. 29 professionals were trained on the AWS standard and visited a live case study site. Feedback from participants was excellent, and we hope to see more investment in water stewardship as a result. 

The event was co-hosted by the Alliance for Water Stewardship, Water Witness International, Action for Water, Fairy Bottling, and GIZ's International Water Stewardship Programme, with support from the UK, Scottish and German governments. 

Click here for our Event report.

Water Stewardship Malawi goes live!:  January 2018 saw the official launch of Water Stewardship Malawi at an event in Lilongwe, With a £200,000 grant from the Scottish Government’s Climate Justice Fund, the Initiative will support the implementation of the AWS Standard at selected sites, delivering improved water security for vulnerable farmers, businesses and communities, whilst establishing Malawi as a hub for sound water management in Africa. 

 Click here for the latest update from our team in Malawi, and here for recent coverage from the Scotsman.

Media Prize: Water Witness International and its partners are giving out the ‘Habari za Maji’ prize for outstanding journalism for accountability in water management. Interested? Refer to links below for application process and other useful materials to make your submission:


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