How we deliver

A core team of high calibre practitioners
In the coming years we will attract and retain a world-class team to increase the headcount across our offices in the UK and Africa.  We offer an exciting, supportive and non-discriminatory workplace, with good incentives and opportunities for professional growth.  Flexible, family friendly working conditions and diversity are prioritised.

A network of leading water professionals and experts with global reach
To meet the growing demand for our services we have developed a network of 50 Associates and Senior Advisors who can be called on to deliver work across the expanding geographies and technical areas of our operations. 

We are able to deploy world-class expertise at short notice in almost any geography and on any topic.  We can match team composition and skills to the specific needs of the assignment, and quickly scale-up the capabilities of our teams as work evolves.  This flexibility also means that high-calibre global experts can contribute to our work on a temporary basis to suit their interests.

We are proud to be advised by such a highly-skilled pool of the most experienced and knowledgeable water experts globally.  Collectively, our network has over 700 years worth of experience in 121 countries, and speaks over 35 languages.  The map shows the countries where our Senior Advisors and Associates have significant experience.


Extending our local presence and voice
Our model of supporting citizens to bear witness to water challenges on the ground, and hold duty bearers to account is proving effective in our African operations.  By supporting a network of Water Witnesses through training, communications support and advisory services we can scale our reach, knowledge base and impact into new areas of operation.

Strong leadership and governance
Our Board of Trustees will continue to evolve to support and guide our work. We will seek to include representatives from all our stakeholder groups. The Board will ensure accountability and responsiveness to the people we serve, to our partners, donors and to our staff.

Working with others
Throughout the strategy we place emphasis on working with others.  We will work collaboratively in order to lever skills, resources and access; achieve scale; and maximise impact to deliver our vision.  Valued partners include bilateral and multilateral donors; trusts and foundations; governments, implementing bodies and regulatory agencies; businesses; non-governmental and civil society organisations; media groups; universities and research organisations; and communities and citizens.

Core funding to keep costs low and impact high
Our experience tells us that development impact is most efficiently delivered through core funding.  Short term project funding can have high transaction costs and risks undermining strategic impact. We will continue to seek short-term opportunities where appropriate, but will prioritise investment of core, unrestricted funding against our strategic goals.  Core funding can dramatically improve the efficiency of delivery. We will therefore seek a small number of high value partners who share our tenacity and commitment to global water security for all. 

Our future plans
We will consolidate our status as the world’s leading NGO dedicated to improving water resource management. Over the next five years we will:

  • Generate the investment and recruit the people we need to deliver our strategic goals
  • Verify compliance against our internal policies and procedures
  • Learn and adapt through an annual 360 degree review of our work
  • Confirm our status as a stimulating, supportive and safe place to work
  • Demonstrate value for money